Our coming soon admission only for MCD School poor students to coaching only 1st to 5th class. Our coming soon admission only for MCD School poor students to coaching only 1st to 5th class.

About us

Aims and Objects

The basic aims and objects for witch the Society is formed and registered are the following:-онлайн игровые автоматы без регистрации вулкан удачи игровые автоматы бесплатно

  1. To provide libraries, publish books on educational cultural & social subjects, organize discussions & seminars to impart slotsups.com/ hulk slots knowledge & understanding amongst the people.
  2. To arrange the financial help to the Marriage for poor girls / poor widow girls
  3. To arrange the legal help for poor persons of the society / Handicapped, and to also provide free Counseling for poor person of the society.
  4. To  provide  free  meals,  clothes,  medicines  and  other  needy  работа things  to t he poor  and  needy,  children of  widows.
  5. To  establish, manner maintain  and  run homes,  institutions for the welfare  and relief  of the poor handicapped,  old,  orphans,  widows etc.  for  their education / training  in   household and  cottage  industries.
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  7. To  promote  harmonious  understanding  работа москва and  equal  respect  for  all  religious,  cultures,  races and  ideologies  and developed all community.
  8. To mutual exchange of artists, collaborations with other organizations etc.
  9. To  subscribe or  give  donations,  financially  or  otherwise,  to such other  societies,  agencies,  associations or  institutions  who  are working  in the  area  of dance  &  music  or  involved  in the activities  which  tend  to  support  or  aid  / advance  the aims and  objects of the society.
  10. To  receive  any  grant, donation,  fee,  support  and  assistance  in any form  for  the furtherance of the  objects of  the society.
  11. To  purchase, lease,  secure  by  exchange  or  license or license, hire  or  otherwise  acquire  any moveable  or  immovable  property and any  interest,  easement,  right and privilege  necessary  or  alter any  moveable and  immovable  property  of the society  and  undertake  such  other  activities  as  may be  necessary and  incidental  to the objects of the society.
  12. To  frame  bye-laws  and  rules and  regulations  for  the conduct of the  business of the  society and its  officers  and  employees.
  13. To do  all such  other

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    lawful  acts,  deeds  and  things  as  are  incidental or  conductive  to  the  attainment of  the above  objects  or  any  of them.

  14. To open and run, educational and vocational schools or institutions to bring education within the reach of poor & backward children, in the National Capital Territory of Delhi.
  15. To establish & maintain institutions for the handicapped & for adult education, like vocational training in vocations  of household industry, semi-skilled jobs for self employment, short hand & type-writing, social science, languages, https://jobitel.com fine arts, crafts, music, painting, modeling, physical training etc.
  16. To provide the best education available in some of  the best  schools in Delhi. Emphasis would beon character building, self discipline & the development of the creative & social faculties. The society aims at producing well informed & well assured young children just the kind of children that our country needs.
  17. To strive to meet slotsups.com/ hulk slots changing need of providing comprehensive education to develop various facets of personality and to impart education  to children on the most modern lines & development of the children.
  18. To  arrange  &  organize  the  social,  cultural  &  educational  programmes  from  time  to  time.
  19. All the  income,  earning,  movable  &  immovable  properties of  the society  shall be  solely  utilized  &  applied  towards  the  promotion of  its  aim  &  objects  only  as  set  forth  in the memorandum of  association  &  no  portion  https://de.medadvice.net thereof shall be  paid  or  transferred  directly  or  indirectly  by w ay of  dividends,  bonus,  profits or  in  any manner  whatsoever  to  the present  or  past  members of the society  or  to  any  person claiming  through  any  one or more of the present  or  the  past  members.  No member of the  society  shall have  any  personal  claim  on  any moveable  property  of t he society or  make  any profit,  whatsoever,  by  virtue  of  his / her  membership.